Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Matai Island Jobs

We'd need jobs to organise a society on the Matai Island. Here is a list of available jobs (not in order of status):
Farmers and agriculturists; to manage the production of crops, livestock and poultry, and husbandry alike.
A form of governance or council to control and make decisions for the island.
Extractive metallurgist; for recovering useful metals and minerals from the ore in the island.
Builders and carpenters; to establish our community and build shelters.
Electricians and technicians; who we can rely on to install technology and electricity.
Mechanics and engineers; to work with any means of transport and machinery.
Sailors; for getting across and bringing resources from the mainland.
Police; to control the goings-on on the island.
Doctors and medical staff; to look after the inhabitants of the island.
I hope I haven't missed any, though I doubt that I haven't.
Please feel free to comment anymore ideas.


The Unknown Seeker said...

Looks like you've really thought through your ideas.

MrWoody said...

Wow - extractive metallurgist!!!