Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eco-Footprint Dairy

I have posed three challenges for myself which will reduce my carbon-footprint.

1. Start using the reusable green bags instead of plastic bags.

2. Use less water, ie. have shorter showers, turn off taps when I'm not using them, etc.

3. Recycle more paper and plastic

You should try setting yourself some goals too; if you want to save the earth, we need as many people to pitch in and reduce their carbon-footprint as possible.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

S.I.F.E.: Sustainability

On Tuesday (2 June, 2009) three representatives, Joe, Clement, and Lauren, from S.I.F.E. - Students in Free Enterprise - visited our class and showed us a presentation PowerPoint about sustainability. They talked about social sustainability, economical sustainability, and environmental sustainability.
Using an apple exemplifying the earth, they told us the fraction of land available for growing food/crops; 1/32 of the earth.
They told us about landfills, that there are 1000 closed landfills and 60 open landfills, and how long it takes for rubbish to break down:
Paper - 2.5 months
Milk carton - 5 years
Cigarette - 10 years
Tin can (tin) - 100 years
Beer can (aluminium) - 200-500 years