Thursday, April 30, 2009

Term 2 Sustainability Study

This is my second school blog, and it's specifically for our term 2 study of sustainability.
Part of this study includes the Matai Islands, which are four "recently discovered" hypothetical islands off the coast of Raglan. We have to design ways of sustenance on these deserted islands. My class, Room 18, will be inhabiting Matainui, a volcanic and radioactive island with lovely scenery.
It seems an interesting topic and I look foward to posting further about our studies of sustainability and the Matai Islands.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Matai Island Jobs

We'd need jobs to organise a society on the Matai Island. Here is a list of available jobs (not in order of status):
Farmers and agriculturists; to manage the production of crops, livestock and poultry, and husbandry alike.
A form of governance or council to control and make decisions for the island.
Extractive metallurgist; for recovering useful metals and minerals from the ore in the island.
Builders and carpenters; to establish our community and build shelters.
Electricians and technicians; who we can rely on to install technology and electricity.
Mechanics and engineers; to work with any means of transport and machinery.
Sailors; for getting across and bringing resources from the mainland.
Police; to control the goings-on on the island.
Doctors and medical staff; to look after the inhabitants of the island.
I hope I haven't missed any, though I doubt that I haven't.
Please feel free to comment anymore ideas.